PROMETEO Workshop on NEDA Detectors:
Mechanical and Electronic Design

ETSE - Valencia (Spain)

8th to 9th of November 2012

If you are interested in participating in the meeting please contact Jose Javier Valiente Dobon (javier.valiente at or Andres Gadea (Andres.Gadea at

How to reach ETSE

The Prometeo NEDA meeting will be held in ETSE (Escola Tecnica Superior d'Enginyeria), although the conference room is still to be confirmed soon in one of the ETSE rooms. ETSE is located very close to the Campus of Sciences (Campus de Burjassot) of the Universidad de Valencia, in the town of Burjassot, next to the city of Valencia.

The address and general information can be found at the ETSE web page.

For a map with all the information visit this Google Maps website.

By Metro/Tramway

The best option to arrive to the entrance of the ETSE is by Tramway Line 4 (Metro Line 4). This tramline has several destinations you will easily see at the front of the trams:

    1 - “Ll. Llarga/Terramelar”
    2 - “Mas del Rosari”
    3 - “Vicent Andrés Estelles”

The first and second destinations stop at “TVV”, the nearest station to ETSE (as you get off the tramway, look ahead for the grey building with the inscription “Escola Tecnica Superior d'Enginyeria ” on top of it). The third one finishes at the previous station, “Vicente Andrés Estelles”, 10 minutes walking to the “ETSE”. The destination you will see the way back to the city centre is “Dr Lluch”. The pass frequency is around ten minutes. The tram stop is in zone A, you can find fares and more information at the Metro webpage.

Depending on the part of the city you are, it might not be possible to find a near tramway stop. You can use however any of the Metro lines to connect with the tramway line (the same ticket works for both, metro and tramway). In the case you need to take a Metro line, the best option for connection with tram is taking Line 1 in direction "Lliria / Bétera". Any of the trains in this line (with destinations "Lliria", "Paterna", "Seminari" or "Bétera") will stop at "Empalme", where you can change to the tram. The main stop for connection between the rest of Metro lines and Line 1 is "Angel Guimerá".

By Bus

Another convenient way to arrive to the Campus of Sciences(10 minutes walking to the "Parc Científic") is the EMT Bus.
Take line 63 (to “Noves Facultats”), and stop at “Vicente Andrés Estelles”. Pass frequency is 8-15 minutes but only during university class time. There are several Bus or Metro transfer stops along its way.

By car

Go to “Nuevo Centro” by the old river way (now transformed in parks and entertaiment facilities). Then take “Pio XII” Avenue towards North (this avenue and the following highway is commonly known as “Pista de Ademuz”). Take the exit number 4 (“Paterna, Burjassot”) by its variant to “Burjassot, Centre TVV, Fira de Mostres y Universitat”. Enter the big round-about and take the fourth exit towards the back side of the Television centre. The IPL is part of the “Parc Científic”, the red buildings you will be seeing ahead.

By taxi

Ask to be carried to the rear entrance of the Television centre in Burjassot (“a la entrada trasera de la Television Valenciana en Burjassot”). Once there ask to follow ahead towards the red building you will be seeing near in front of you (approximately 15 euros from downtown or from airport).

How to reach Valencia

Valencia is one of the main cities in Spain and is well connected with the rest of Spain and Europe. There are flights to Valencia Airport (VLC) from most of the main cities in Europe. The best option for arriving to Valencia is, therefore, by plane.
On the other hand, the main international airport in Spain is Madrid airport. In the case you decide to fly to Madrid, you can still take a domestic flight from Madrid to Valencia or you can also arrive to Valencia by Train or by Bus.

By plane

The airport is connected with the centre of the city through Metro line 5 (“Airport - Maritim Serreria”) and line 3 (“Airport - Palmaret“ or “Airport - Rafelbunyol”) with a frequency of approximately every 10-20 minutes. If you plan to go directly from the airport to the workshop venue, we suggest you to take a taxi, following the instructions given above.

In the case your international flight ends at Madrid, but you are still interested in taking a domestic flight from Madrid to Valencia, there are very convenient fares if you buy the tickets sufficiently in advance. You can book them at Ryanair, or Iberia.

By train

The most convenient option to arrive by land to Valencia from Madrid is the Train; we strongly recommend this option. The train from Madrid to Valencia starts at "Atocha" station in the center of Madrid. We recommend to take an Alaris train, which only makes one stop in the middle of the way ("Albacete"). It takes 3h 30m and the standard price of a one way ticket is 45€. However, there are special reduced fares subject to the availability of places (27€ buying tickets at least one week in advance and 18€ buying tickets online and at least 15 days in advance) . There is also a reduced standard fare for the round trip, which is 72€. The final stop is "Valencia Nord". For information and online tickets go to the Renfe Website.

Once you arrive to the central railway station of Valencia (paradoxically named "Estacion del Norte", North Station), you will find a line 63 bus stop at the left of the exit. Ahead you will find “Xativa” station of the Metro Line 3. To go to the "Parc Científic" by Metro you should go towards “Mislata/Almasil” and transfer to the Line 1 at the next first stop, “Angel Guimerá”. Then continue to “Empalme” station and transfer to the tramway towards “TVV” (as explained in Metro/Tramway section above).

By bus

The bus from Madrid to Valencia starts at the "Estación de Autobuses Sur de Madrid" (Madrid South Bus Station). It is a direct bus operated by the company Avanza Bus. It takes 4h and the price is 24€ for a one way ticket and 43€ for the round trip. It arrives to Valencia Central Bus Station, located close to "Turia" Metro station (Line 1).


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